ScudHost 7 things before buying Web Hosting

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting Plan

1.     Disk Space

Storage is the most important and first thing we consider while buying a hosting plan. You need a hosting space for storing your website and it continue require to add content regularly. Must check you are getting at least 1 GB storage for basic website from where you are going to host your website.

2.     Support and Services

Support and services are also very important for any webmaster because you frequently require technical support and on-demand services to run your website swiftly.

3.     Bandwidth & RAM

Bandwidth is another metric that need to handle your website traffic. It is measured monthly basis so make sure you are getting enough monthly bandwidth for your website.

4.     Email Accounts

For business and corporate websites, email is more than their website so make sure your website host provide you top notch email hosting with no. of email accounts. For bloggers and individuals number of email accounts not matter but required for business websites so mark your hosting on this matric too.

5.     User Interface

Design of hosting company website also matter so that its customers can easily connect with their support and billing team. Make sure its UI/UX is good enough to understand and easily navigate you to its different parts.

6.     cPanel Access

cPanel is the most important part this is where you can get access of all your website files.Make sure you are getting all important feature access in your cPanel account like Email, Backups, databases, SSL Certificate, logs, Analytics and other required cPanel options..

7.     Prices and Plans

Web Hosting business is very competitive so you will get lots of discount offers and deals but you should know the actual renewal price of your web hosting and quality of service on the price you are going to pay. Your hosting should be reliable yet affordable.

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