Refund Policy for Hosting Accounts

We give you 30 Days money back guarantee in case we failed to provide you service as we committed. But first we we will try to resolve your issue and if we fail to do so, we will give you full refund within next 30 days. After 30 Days, we will not accept any claim.

On Suspension of your account because of any violation against our Terms and Conditions, there will be no refund.

If you renew any hosting by mistake or auto-renew, we will give you full refund if you asked within one week. This term apply only on renewals not on new plans.

We have full rights to change our refund policy any time and ScudHost manager’s decision will be consider final to resolve abusive orders in extreme conditions.

Refund Policy for Domain Registrations

No refunds will be given on domain registrations.

Double check your domain spellings because after registration we will not able to change or modify it and you need to pay for it and no refunds policy will be applied.