5 Reasons Why SSL Certificate Is Necessary for Your Company’s Website in 2022

SSL certificate is not an option for Web Applications in 2022. You must have an SEO certificate if you have a website, especially for a business. Here we will discuss the benefits you will get with an ordinary SSL certificate.

If you’re running blogs or websites in 2022, you’ll need SSL. It’s as easy as that. An SSL certificate is not an option anymore, it’s a requirement in the modern world.

If your company is registered in Oman, then you can check SSL certificates on OmanDataPark. These are the five main advantages of using an SSL certificate on your company’s website.

  1. SSL Secure Your Website Data

The primary purpose that the SSL certificate is the ability to secure the server-client communications. When you install SSL each bit of information is secured. In plain English the data is encrypted and only unlocked by the intended user (browser or server) because no other user has the right to access the data. When it comes to sensitive data like passwords, IDs or credit card numbers and so on., SSL helps you defend yourself from the nefarious group of cybercriminals as well as skimmers. Since the data is converted into an unreadable format thanks to SSL hackers’ skills, they are a useless sword against the unbeatable encryption technology used by SSL certificates.

  1. SSL Keeps Your Identity Secured

The second main function that SSL certificates are that SSL certificate’s primary function is to offer authentication to the website. Identity verification is among the most vital aspects of internet security concerns. There’s no doubt that the internet is becoming fraudulent. One time, in 2009, a person drove 400 miles to meet a woman whom he had met via Facebook and was shocked to find that he was tricked by two men who were supporters of an opposing football club. However, not all stories are humorous. There have been instances where people have lost thousands of dollars through fake websites. This is where an SSL certificate comes in.

If you wish to install an SSL certificate it is necessary to undergo a verification process initiated by an independent third party called an Certificate Authority (CA). Based on the kind of certificate the CA checks your identity and that of your business. After you’ve established that you are who you say you are, your website is awarded trust marks that confirm your honesty. If users see them, they are aware of who they’re talking with.

Imagine this as verified Twitter accounts. The only difference is that you have to prove your identity on the website rather than for the Twitter account. This verification ensures that there isn’t an unauthentic website that pretends to be you. Technically speaking it is known as “phishing”. This is why SSL assists users in driving to your actual website It also protects users from scams and improves your brand’s reputation.

  1. SEO Advantage to Rank Better

in 2014 Google introduced changes in its algorithm to give an advantage to websites with HTTPS capabilities. This is apparent through various studies carried out by SEO experts across the globe. One of the studies that was conducted by Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko.com has a clear correlation between HTTPS and higher ranking on engines.

Who wouldn’t like to be listed on Google’s top page surely?

  1. SSL Required by PCI/DSS and Payment Gateways

If you take online payments, you should be aware of a few things about the PCI/DSS requirements. In order to accept online payments, your website has to be PCI-compliant. The presence of an SSL certificate is one of the twelve essential requirements that are set by the industry of payment cards (PCI).

Thus, SSL is essential–whether you would like it or not.

  1. Increase Users Trust on your Website

If it was our decision we would have changed the name of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to TTL (Trust Transmitting Layer). It’s not the case, however. But that doesn’t keep us from praising the virtues of TTL certificates. TTL — err, SSL certificate. Alongside the security and encryption, SSL certificates are vital from a trust-based standpoint. The easily identifiable indications inform the user that the information they transmit is secure. If you’ve set up an SSL they will be able to view your business’ information. When they are aware the legitimacy of your company and that you’re a legitimate business, they’re more likely to conduct business with you or return to your site.


You Must have an SSL certificate installed on your site and it will cost you very little with more benefits that came with it.

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